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Manolo Cevallos

Mr. Cevallos is a U.S. Citizen. He is a Doctor of International Politics and Government Finance, expert Business Administration and marketing, he also has experience for over 25 years in Journalism. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the State of California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CAHCC) for the last ten years. He is the Founding Board Member and current President and CEO of the U.S. Latino American Chamber of Commerce (USLACC) which has grown into one of the largest Latino Chambers of Commerce. He served as the President of U.S. Ecuadorean American Chamber of Commerce. He is member of the board of Directors of the Global Project Development Foundation which promotes social and humanitarian development in developing countries.

Holmes H. Stoner Jr.

Mr. Stoner has spent the last 26 years as Founder and Chairman of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the International Business Council. His primary mission was to set up and administrate international business development, consulting services and business relations in the major emerging markets throughout the world. He personally managed the China National Tourism ad campaign in the USA and the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), KOTRA and JETRO and simultaneously assisted in all other international operations of the organization specializing in China and most of Asia and the Americas.

He has worked with most PacRim Governments closely setting up promotions for Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange Programs as well as financing programs.

Mr. Stoner has been lecturing and giving workshops and seminars internationally for over 25 years and is recognized as an international trade expert in many business and government circles in the Pacific Rim Trade Arena.

Count, Atilio Rodolfo Marotte

Everyone has a story, a life experience and a mission in life, but the case of Count Atilio Rodolfo Marotte is unique, is not and will not be repeatable. Fatherless at five years, (a former policeman), from mother at eleven, (former landowner) and the responsibility of caring for three younger nephews, his younger brother was relocated to another family. He has worked since he was twelve years old, he knows what it is to feel hunger, cold and sleep outdoors. Knows what poverty means, of the soul and material, because he lived life discrimination.

In the late 70s and early 80s, he is able to enter the “Special Forces”. He learned of espionage and counter-intelligence. His career in the military was going well, even more so because he specialized in Software, computer intelligence service, he could have a great career.

HE ENTERS TO THE ORDER OF SAINT STEPHEN AND THE CROWN: This order is the oldest in the world, the most solvent of them all, most of the orders came from this one, has been in existence for centuries, two Popes came out of this order, San Esteban 1st and 2nd. The headquarters had moved from Italy to Buenos Aires. Realizing the Order’s mission of helping humanity agrees with his own mission in mind, he remembers as a boy thinking “If I hit the jackpot I will implement a massive production platform to help humanity”, he accepts to work for the Order, and he became the number one person in the Order with full responsibility to take care the order in all aspects, including the economics. This Order has presence now in 33 countries with Production Platforms to provide to the people, food, jobs and houses.

Ted Cho

Ted H. Cho is a board member and director of U.S. Latino American Chamber of Commerce. He has joined our team to be a crucial role in creating a bridge for communication, culture and business relationships between Asian and South American Countries.

He is a licensed general contractor in the state of California U.S.A. and CEO of PT Design and Construction, Inc. with which he has acquire an extensive background and experience with International Humanitarian projects, building Low income affordable housing projects, commercial mall, multi-unit housing, warehouses, industrial plants, building designs and land development projects.

Mr. Cho has being involved, for several years, and developing business in the gold ore refinery, coal mine, bio- engineering’s regent, IT electronic parts trade. With JV Partnership has been operating a casino-entertainment as a family related business in Korea, Japan China and US. Mr. Cho is an educated engineer of structural development administration, agricultural-bio engineering, industrial-electronic from JB National University, Cerritos College and Cal State University Long Beach.

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